Steve Peplin

Infinite Stairways

A conservative Blue Note style record with a gamut of challenging, soulful material, Infinite Stairways is full of brilliant improvisations.  
The players are all veterans from disparate arenas of jazz, from deep soul through straight ahead to modernity. 
John Price is, perhaps, the heaviest, as he has worked extensively with both Wynton and Branford. His solo on the title track is testimony to his deep reservoir of skill.
Jamie Breiwick is what a trumpeter is supposed to sound like on a good day. He brings it everyday. His solo on "Crescent moon" is my favorite.
Aaron Gardner, ULU veteran and frontman of The Static Chicken, is a sound innovator. No one sounds like Aaron. Sheets of sound, loads of soul. 
Sam Belton is Milwaukee's veteran jazz drummer. His style is informed by the past masters but continues to embody modern music as well. 

Sam Belton - Drums
Jamie Breiwick - Trumpet
Aaron Gardner - Tenor Sax
Steve Peplin - Guitar, Hi-Hat
John Price - Bass

Hear here:

01 Countdown (Coltrane)
02 Crescent Moon
03 Infinite Stairways
04 Soul Gypsy
05 One By One (Shorter)
06 Duke Skellington
07 Is not Is
08 'Round Midnight (Monk)

3D artwork by Ryan Fitzpatrick at 
Engineered by Glenn Quarry at the Sound Quarry, August, 2009, Brookfield, Wi.
All Compositions copyright Aeclectica Music, 2009, except tracks: 
05 Miyako BMI
08 Thelonious Monk, Bernard Hanighen, Charles Cootie Williams, ASCAP
All rights reserved. 

Please view with red and blue anaglyph 3-D glasses.