Black Owl

The Open Way

February, 2012: Black Owl was formed when virtuoso sax man, Jesse Lee Montijo came to Milwaukee. Jesse is the heir of Pharoah Sanders and one of the living greats. Jesse asked me make music with him, so I called the great drummer Ben Hans, who is an old friend of mine and a powerful, artistic musician. 

We met at Walls Have Ears studio with no plan save a few titles. Nicholas Elert did a great job engineering, we were all comfortable and in the zone.
We named a tune, didn't discuss any particulars and composed real time or improvised loosely upon existing structures, reinventing familiar structures collectively. 
The results here blew all of us away. I hope you enjoy!

Hear here:

01 Release from Bondage
02 The Hard Way
03 Africa (Blues)
04 The Open Way
05 Coffee Road
06 Night and Day

Jesse Lee Montijo - Alto Saxophone, Piano
Ben Hans - Drums, Percussion
Steve Peplin - Guitar

Artwork by Ryan Fitzpatrick at
Engineered by Nicholas Elert at Walls Have Ears, February, 2012, Milwaukee, Wi.
Mastered by Adam Tucker at
All compositions by Black Owl, copyright 2013, Aeclectica Music / Black Owl, ASCAP
except Africa by John Coltrane - JOWCOL (All rights reserved) ASCAP
and Night and Day by C. Porter, 1946 (All rights reserved)