Evocation Trio

Ghosts of the Sea

In August of 2011, Ben Hans introduced me to Boston-based cellist Junko Fujiwara. Minutes later we began to soundcheck in my good friend Jeremy Kuzniar's Brainmelter Studio in beautiful downtown Milwaukee, minutes from my 2nd Street loft. We smiled knowingly after the first few musical moments, which were recorded under the title, "Levels." 

We enjoyed the absolute compositional freedom, the excitement of new friendship, the uncertainty of improvisation, and the confidence in our skills. The music generated titles in a mysterious but programmatic way, unveiling itself progressively with each track. 

My wonderful grandmother, Lonnie Peplin, had passed only days earlier, between the In League and Ghosts sessions, so there were emotions present that cannot be evoked artificially. "Farewell for Now" is for her. 

Ryan Fitzpatrick admitted to me that he was, for a time, obsessed with a book about the Titanic, entitled Ghosts of the Sea. I felt it was the strongest track on the record and approached Ryan with that title. He almost instantly delivered up this paradoxical album cover, which I loved immediately.

Steve Peplin

Junko Fujiwara - Cello 
Ben Hans - Drums, Percussion
Steve Peplin - Guitar

Hear here:

01 Tangiers
02 Oceanic
03 Black Earth Mother
04 Blue Mobius
05 Walk
06 Midnight Shift
07 Bump in the Night
08 Ghosts of the Sea
09 Levels
10 Strange Relations
11 Farewell for Now

Artwork by Ryan Fitzpatrick  (manvsgeorge.com.)
Recorded and engineered by Jeremy Kuzniar, August 2011, Brainmelter Studio, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Mastered by Adam Tucker (signaturetone.com)
Copyright 2013 - Aeclectica Music, ASCAP.